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Koni SteffenLegacy of an Arctic pioneer

Legacy of an Arctic pioneer

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Find here some impressions of Koni Steffen's life and work.

His legacy lives on, even after his passing. 


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WSL director Prof. Dr. Konrad Steffen (second from right) set up the Swiss Camp in Greenland in 1990. Up to now this station is delivering the longest range of data sets on the climate in Greenland. Photo: Konrad Steffen / WSL
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The SwissCamp on the Greenland ice sheet (Photo: Konrad Steffen)
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Prof. Dr. Konrad Steffen in the documentary "Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic"
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Konrad Steffen between ministers, state secretaries and representatives of indigenous peoples in 2016 in the White House, where he will be representing Switzerland at the first Arctic Ministerial Conference (Photo: White House)
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Björn Dahlbäck, General Director of the "Swedish Polar Research Secretariat" with Frederik Paulsen and Konrad Steffen at the South Pole (Photo: Konrad Steffen / WSL)
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Konrad Steffen, Director of the Federal Reserach Institute WSL since 2012. Photo: Reinhard Lässig / WSL
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Konrad Steffen in the circle of the WSL management (July 2020). From left to right Andreas Rigling, Christoph Hegg, Konrad Steffen, Anna Hersperger, Jürg Schweizer, Rolf Holderegger (Photo: WSL)
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Federal Councillors Guy Parmelin and Konrad Steffen trying out a novel meat replacement product at an event on spin-offs and start-ups of the ETH Domain in January 2020 (Photo: Mallaun Photography)
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In January 2019, Konrad Steffen had the pleasure of welcoming "his" Federal Council and all the highest ranking representatives of the ETH Domain to the SLF in Davos. From left to right: Thierry Strässle (PSI Director ad interim); Joël Mesot (President of ETH Zurich); Jürg Schweizer (Head of SLF); Janet Hering (Director of Eawag); Koni Steffen (Director of WSL); Guy Parmelin (Federal Councillor, Head of EAER); Gian-Luca Bona (Director of Empa); Martin Vetterli (President of EPFL); Fritz Schiesser (President of the ETH Board). Photo: Markus Mallaun, Mallaun Photography
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The former American Vice President Al Gore visits the Arctic Basecamp at the SLF, which is organised by Konrad Steffen and other polar researchers in 2017
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Konrad Steffen with the WSL staff (2019)